City Hall hours of operation.

Hours of operation: Mon – Fri | 8am – 5pm

City council meetings: 210 N 2nd St, Glenwood, AR 71943

Dates: 3rd Tuesday of each month- subject to change.

Time: 6pm.

City Council.

Mayor: Billy T. Smith

Tel: 870-356-3613 Ext: 3

City Recorder/Treasurer: Sharon Noble

Tel: 501-318-8370

Council Members.

Karen Baker, Ward position 2 north, Term: 4 years ending Dec, 31 2022.

Charlie Caldwell, Ward position 2 south, Term: 4 years ending Dec, 31 2022.

Jimmy Clark, Ward position 1 north, Term: 4 years ending Dec, 31 2024.

John R. Powell, Ward position 1 south, Term: 4 years ending Dec, 31 2020.


Minutes of meetings:

Audio transcript of city council meeting:



Water & Sewer reports:

Our City operates under a Council-Manager form of government and has done so since 1909. The two major components to this system of government are the City Council; and a City Manager.

The City Council is the legislative body, establishing City policies, while the City Manager is the administrator, designated to carry out the directives of the Council. Our City’s City Council consists of a Mayor elected at large and six Council Members elected by district. The Mayor and Council Members serve 4 year terms.


The Mayor serves as a member and presiding officer of the Council. In addition to officiating at all City ceremonial functions, the Mayor takes an active role in promoting the City. The Mayor also appoints members of the Planning Board, Civil Service Commission and Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, among others.

City Council

The City Council, under the City Charter, is given certain specific duties: to set policy, to appoint the City Manager and the City Clerk, to approve the budget, and to enact local laws, resolutions and ordinances. Enactment of a local law must be preceded by a public hearing. A majority vote of the Council is required to pass such a law. Council members also make appointments to certain citizen advisory committees.

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